Invite Your Team

Our Process. Your Method. The Team.

Briefcase connects Team Members with features that are easy to understand, easy to operate, and faster than what you're used to. Everything about our site is live - meaning right down to the second. Alerts are instant, replies are instant, and results are faster with our interface.

Benefit from the flexibility in BriefcaseCloud tools

Briefcase is instant. Live.

Briefcase is your team live and always connected.

Any Briefcase owner and all users will benefit from the easy Team Management features we've created, and enjoy the flexibility and power they bring to your projects. Get this person involved! Get that person involved! Remove! Approve! Share!!! Yeah, its' all pretty exciting because you change User Roles as situations dictate. Reconfigure projects as needed.

Briefcase adds the team at the right time.

Briefcase empowers you to stipulate just what you need for a project, who you need to work on what part, and a place to compare notes, share ideas, and truly collaborate... just much easier than EVER before! Create simple workflows so everyone can work goals together, and switch roles as needed. A Production person may become a Reviewer as well, especially if they have good opinions.

Assemble the right project team in seconds

Briefcase adds the right people at the right time.

Intuitive Access Control Levels

Simple Control. Powerful Security.

Briefcase controls access. Here. And There.

User access control has never been easier to manage. With intelligent roles, simple privacy features, and easy group management... you're sure to tackle any project or task with role-based efficiency. Let your team shine for each of the unique skills they all provide.

Briefcase chats and pings. Know it all!

The beauty behind our system is how simple it is, how elegantly features play off one-another, and how there is no clutter. In particular, our screen-ping system is so smart and really what you want. Make changes and the system can automatically alert others, or work in silence and ping others to come see your project when you're ready!

Simple, smart and powerful alert system

Briefcase has live chat and pings!

  • Use any device to create a digital briefcase on the cloud containing unlimited projects, each holding unlimited amounts of data that you or potential Team Members upload. All for only $19.95/month per Seat per Company. One seat per user per company is needed. Admininstrators invite users and can easily control costs.


If you're not ready to just jump on in all by yourself, and want some assistance figuring out how to use us, or how to even start using us just reach out. We'll be more than happy to explain how Briefcase can be fully setup for 1 person in 30-seconds, or a team of 10 people in less than 3 minutes.


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