The "Bc" Process

Our Process. Your Method. Your Team.

Briefcase has been built to provide all the collaboration features you need, and none that you don't. The Creators are experts at idea creation and development. Work The Process as it was built for you; execute faster than ever before.

Work Files
Event Plan
Meeting Outline

Briefcase works the way you do.

"Tag" your heart out!

Everything you use now, all your files, everything you place on your computer is basically lost until you find it. Keep it found, and access it when and wherever you need it. Using our simple tagging system - the most powerful metadata system for collaboration - you will never lose anything again. In addition, you'll find it 5-seconds or less - guaranteed!

Briefcase is easy intuitive and very powerful.

Chat in the STREAM, and review all activities listed in the Project Log. Ping members to get their attention on specifics. Upload FILES, create stacks of documents as they change from version to version. Approve projects, then collaborate via ACTIONS, and connect with Team Members!

The Stream is a summary of all project chat

Work many projects at the same time.

Briefcase has files, projects, teams and chat.

Our unique collaboration tools will power you through your goals. Create a team and use the simple tool-set to efficiently work in your invite-only secure group. You can be up and running in 30 seconds and have a team of 10 people invited and participating 60 seconds after that. Goals and tasks have never been easier.

Briefcase is a dynamic role-based voting system.

You're in control of your voting process. Separate your team into work-based roles: Followers, Production, Reviewers, and Final Approvers. Items reaching approval automatically notify Followers viewing and downloading are now available. With changes to a project the approved state is reset to unapproved, and all files are automatically revoked from further sharing. No emails or phone calls needed.

Approve files and achieve business compliance

Assign roles and create approval chains.

The World's most efficient cloud storage and collaboration system

All of what you need. None of what you don't.

Briefcase. All of what you need. None of what you don't.

Briefcase is easy and fast to store files in your cloud account as a secure archive for you, or to privately work on them with any group of people you invite. Access your "seat" on Briefcase from ANY device to store, organize, and get what you need, when you need it, from anywhere!

  • Use any device to create a digital briefcase on the cloud containing unlimited projects, each holding unlimited amounts of data that you or potential Team Members upload. All for only $19.95/month per Seat per Company. One seat per user per company is needed. Admininstrators invite users and can easily control costs.


If you're not ready to just jump on in all by yourself, and want some assistance figuring out how to use us, or how to even start using us just reach out. We'll be more than happy to explain how Briefcase can be fully setup for 1 person in 30-seconds, or a team of 10 people in less than 3 minutes.


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