Process. Method. Team.

As Briefcase centralizes your marketing files, among other things, it quickly leverages instant: retrieval, distribution, access, and deployment of the communications that can grow your business.

Simple methods to get ideas created

Briefcase delivers any Who. What. When. Where. Done.

Briefcase is
Who. What. When. Where.

Method is who does what, who approves what, who gets what, plus the how and when it needs to happen. Effortlessly develop ideas with lightening speed. Briefcase perfectly provides the tools needed to emulate your methods for accelerated concept development in Briefcase.

Briefcase shows you
who is doing what. Always.

Briefcase robustly provides everything you need. Add team, assign access, indicate Approvers, and watch work flow from an educated vantage point. Bring your team closer, and work more efficiently together. Stay ahead of developing problems, to arrive with a solution before it is needed.

Simple collaborative tools

Briefcase shows you
who is doing what. Always.

Fast file-approvals

Request valuable team opinions.

Briefcase uses ANY and ALL approval methods.

When everyone in your approval-chain votes yes, potentially approvable files are presented to the Final Approver. One final vote and files either go back to the drawing-board for revisions, or out to Followers for use. New approvals alert all Followers new files are available for use, and you're done-it's that simple!

Briefcase always knows and shows who
gets files and why!

Send your first invite to a Production person (ie: graphic designer(s), coder(s), copywriter(s), account executive(s), etc.), and get Reviewers to help (ie: co-worker(s), family-member(s), lawyer(s), partner(s), investor(s), etc.). It really depends on what you want to collaborate on: marketing, legal files, contracts, proposals, planning, engineering designs, etc.

Achieve higher team efficiencies

Briefcase helps a team
operate like a tighter team!

Private and secure project collaboration

When did it or will it happen?

Briefcase, when did it or will it happen?

Use Briefcase to store files, indeed, but it can do so much more with a few unique and powerful tools that we've created for you. In particular, it allows you to structure real work-relationships between everyone you work with, enabling easy, private and secure project collaboration.

Briefcase shows results. nywhere. Always

Organize ideas by value... active Team Members gain instant access to the newest and most compliant-files available. Invite a designer as the Production role, maybe a few Reviewers to inspect and proof new files, then save the Final Vote for yourself or appoint someone else.

Get better and faster project results

Briefcase knows and shows the result
Anywhere. Always.

  • Use any device to create a digital briefcase on the cloud containing unlimited projects, each holding unlimited amounts of data that you or potential Team Members upload. All for only $19.95/month per Seat per Company. One seat per user per company is needed. Admininstrators invite users and can easily control costs.


Briefcase is an easy to use, intuitive, integrated solution for centralization, control, team empowerment, connection, and deployment of ideas. Briefcase maps your entire marketing process continuously.



Create your team, and use our simple tool-set to connect your virtual group. You'll be running in seconds, and your team seconds after that!


Seamlessly speak to team members, avoid cluttered emails laiden with file attachments, establish your goals more quickly and get to it!


Securely store files in the BriefcaseCloud. Your team works together and makes your projects organized, understood, and available.