Briefcase is an easy to use, intuitive, integrated solution for centralization, control, team empowerment, connection, and deployment. Briefcase maps your entire marketing process continuously.

CREATE Unlimited Projects



Create unlimited projects, upload unlimited data into secure categorized storage, and take comfort in our private VIP-only sharing! The simple intuitive interface will encourage your ideas to flow - by yourself or with a Team. We offer tools any entrepreneur, project manager or consultant really shouldn't live without - a briefcase on the !


Because it's easy and fast to store files on our Cloud as backup for yourself, or to work on them privately with a group of people! Access your "seat" on from ANY device to store/organize/access files - even in low-bandwidth situations!

SHARE privately and access from any device


FIND files faster than ever before



Our file storage and collaboration system has been built with you in mind. It's meant to be simple, fast and powerful! We're the solution to what's missing in Cloud Storage, Personal Clouds, and overly complex Collaboration Tools.


Active Team Members gain instant access to the newest and most compliant-files available. Invite a designer as the Production role, maybe a few Reviewers to inspect and proof new files, then save the Final Vote for yourself or appoint someone else.

INCLUDE Team Members for VIP-ONLY Sharing


APPROVED when the Team says so



When everyone in your approval-chain votes yes, potentially approvable files are presented to the Final Approver. One final vote and files either go back to the drawing-board for revisions, or out to Followers for use. New approvals alert all Followers new assets are available for use, and you're done -it's that simple!

  • Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

  • Vince Lombardi


As Briefcase centralizes your marketing files, among other things, it quickly leverages instant: retrieval, distribution, access, and deployment of the communications that can grow your business.


The tools you use now are the moveable pieces of Briefcase too. Create your own process and method to get your marketing out the door, deploying what you expect when you expect.

Find a higher efficiency in almost everything you do to be successful at work. Use Briefcase, and never lose an important document again. Access your files from anywhere in the World.

No app. Just your secure storage site when you need it. (Briefcase does not try to integrate into your computer).

Briefcase is your process already.

Everything you use now, is in Briefcase: documents, files, projects, clients, companies, team, chat, alerts, access control levels... BUT, it's only there when you need it. Nothing gets in your way, and what you need is there when you need it. Very cool!

Briefcase is your method too.

Method is who does what, who approves what, who gets what, and when did it happen or will it and what was the result. Briefcase perfectly provides the tools to create your methods within Briefcase. Add team members, assign access, indicate approvers, and watch work flow from the top-down. You can observe as your teams accomplish success together.

Briefcase is your team live.

Your team at times will stay the same, but potentially change too: what they're working on, what access is right for that project, who they're working with- Briefcase empowers you to accommodate just what you need for any person for any project. Easily add, pause and remove when you need.

  • By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

  • Benjamin Franklin


Experience a truly simple storage system with integrated workflow tools to collaborate easier than ever before.

A truly simple storage system.

Global Private Access to your projects and files


Bring your files on a 24/7 global adventure

You may be out of the office, but never out of touch with your files...


A truly simple storage system.

Built from the ground-up with your convenience, your privacy, and your precious time in mind. The features we present always help fulfill one promise we make to you: to be helpful in your efforts. Unlimited storage – sounds right for you.

Unlimited Storage.
Unlimited Projects.

Unlimited usage potential


No limits on your file development and usage

We provide you with the tools you need, and none you won't want.


Unlimited Storage.
Unlimited Projects.

Never worry if you're "running out" of storage space – welcome to Briefcase – true Unlimited Storage! We feel it only makes sense to ensure you can go 40+ years with us, and avoid messy storage plans forever. Just seems fair.

Powerful Search and Tagging Features.

A private sharing space


A private Google-like space... anyone?

Tag your files for easy 3-sec finds later, maybe much later.


Powerful Search and Tagging Features.

Briefcase-Tags are a simple solution to stopping the "Where's my file" memory game when looking for files tucked within folders in folders. Just start typing, and up comes a live dynamic list of project tags to find what you need. Tag projects. Tag files. Tag anything!

Intuitive tags interface for fast adoption

Tag and done – find later using your relatable words.
Find files in 3-seconds or less

Create your own Google-like search portal

Layer searches – 3-second find anything power-tools.

Powerful automated features make you smile

So easy – you'll actually enjoy and brag.

Supports All Collateral and Template Types.

Built by those who know much about idea generation


Built by professionals with seasoned experience

Stand on the shoulders of success, by using our methods.


Supports All Collateral and Template Types.

With 100+ native file formats, you'll find little need to .zip files! We understand many collaboration sites are difficult to use – ours is purposely not hard to use.

Native formats mean less work when opening

Less work – do more with your time and colleagues.

Developed by expert marketing professionals

Having raw files – helpful when rushing for deadlines.

Popular software types so you can easily share

PC, MAC, Android, iOS – Photography, Video, Sound...

Fast to access, fast to use, and fast to collaborate and share - FAST! Even in low-bandwidth situations on old platforms.

Global Content Management.

Global Content Management has never been easier


Stay connected from anywhere in the world

Are you always on the go? Is your time valuable to you? Use our platform - get time back!


Global Content Management.

Not much to worry about when you are always in the loop. Our collaboration tools are second-to-none, because they're so darn simple! Briefcase makes project and idea development even more fun than it already is!

Live-time dynamic updates for top-speed

Ultra-fast – no page refresh needed to see updates.
  • Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.

  • Oprah Winfrey


Privately grow an idea or project by yourself or with a group of people. Keep ideas and files where you need them - close to you and readily accessible. We make file storage, private collaboration and compliance-related activities a snap!


Group Chat & Voting

Never before has a system offered such simple and powerful tools to be combined however needed, to tackle almost any business project planning an implementation endeavor. Collaborate globally – work remotely.

  • Simple Group Management

  • Automated Privacy Policies

  • Intuitive User-Roles

  • Simple Billing Interface

  • Easy Approval Voting

  • Limited "Follower" Share


Live Stream & File Management

Live audible alerts. Instant chat posts. File notifications on the fly, and a silence button so you can prepare for colleagues before they come. No matter how you use it, you're bound to increase efficiency and get more done.

  • Live Chat Notifications

  • Easy-To-Use Text Interface

  • Works On All Devices

  • Robust Preferences Section

  • Visual Update Cues

  • Dynamic Activity Log


Unlimited & Powerful

Once you join you're as-good-as gold! Unlimited storage and project creation means you can upload as much as you want, and organize it to no-end. One-click GB's effortlessly, from any device even on slow connections.

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Unlimited Projects

  • 1GB Uploads

  • Project and File Tagging

  • Layered Drill-Down Search

  • 100+ Native File Formats

  • The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

  • Steve Jobs


Briefcase is an easy to use, intuitive, integrated solution for centralization, control, team empowerment, connection, and deployment of ideas. Briefcase maps your entire marketing process continuously.



Create your team, and use our simple tool-set to connect your virtual group. You'll be running in seconds, and your team seconds after that!


Seamlessly speak to team members, avoid cluttered emails laiden with file attachments, establish your goals more quickly and get to it!


Securely store files in the BriefcaseCloud. Your team works together and makes your projects organized, understood, and available.